We are committed to providing our valued homeowners with an exceptional experience. As such, we strive to ensure that you receive the solution that best meets your needs and objectives. To find out more about us, read through some of the positive remarks from previous customers who have worked with us!

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We received a letter from The Home Heroes through the neighbors and my husband decided to contact Tucker who was one of the owners. Tucker came over with his wife, looked at my father’s house and he was nothing but complimentary and kind. Then we negotiated a very fair price with him, higher than we thought we were gonna get. He also ensured that Home Heroes would pay for the closing costs, so when I went to closing it was so smooth. Dealing with The Home Heroes made everything seem better for the situation that I was in. I’d recommend anyone who’s in a similar situation to go with The Home Heroes.
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Brad Buckingham


This was all new to us, we had never sold a house in this fashion before. And we weren’t easy to work with, we were skeptical and had a lot of questions and maybe a few picky demands but they met them all and in the end, it just went very smoothly, just like they told us it would go and we’re extremely happy. I’d totally recommend The Home Heroes.
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All I did was call Tucker and he and his wife came to visit me. They took a tour of the house and the property and made me an offer and I took it! I would recommend the Home Heroes. They were easy to work with and they were patient with me. They decided that whatever I didn’t want to take was fine and they would get rid of it. Working with Tucker was a piece of cake. I’ve never worked with a realtor as easily as him.

Tanner Pinyan

Probably the best company I’ve worked with in Lincoln! Professional, efficient, and friendly! Thanks home heroes!

Dylan Bard

Quick communication and helps solves problems fast.

Inri Dimas

The way they handled my house was very professional and quick. Very friendly people as well!

Olyvia Hillman

They were open and transparent about the entire process. Very detailed and trustworthy in selling my home. They took care of me and my home very fast.

Diana Garcia

Working with Tucker has been a great experience! He is very trustworthy and walked me through every detail of the process. Highly recommend working with The Home Heroes if you need to sell fast!

Kellie Kroeger

The Home Heroes were awesome people to work with! The way they handled our specific situation has me convinced that they are the number one homebuyer in Lincoln. We were looking for a local trusted homebuyer in our community and found that in The Home Heroes. If you are looking for a trusted homebuyer look no further than The Home Heroes!

Jen Pinyan

This company is dedicated making the home selling process easy for sellers. They offer to help in any way to make the deal help both sides.

Ka Tran

Had a great experience at Home Heroes. The process was quick and easy. I also received a very good deal. People here are really enthusiastic and full of personality plus. Recommend this!!

Grant Stoll

Our experience with the home heroes could not have good be better. We were having some troubles and went to the home heroes for help. Great business!